GRP Trench Covers

ERCON introduces high strength, Corrosion resistant and Feather-light GRP trench covers as a value replacement for RCC, Steel or Aluminum trench covers. Ideal for covering both Indoor as well as Outdoor Cable Trenches.

ERCON’S ADVANTAGE Problems with conventional covers
Light Weight RCC covers are too heavy to open for maintenance
No Risk of Cable Damage RCC covers if break, damages the cables.
Corrosion Resistant to water and
Steel and Aluminum covers corrode over time and
become unsafe
Maintenance Free Steel and Aluminum covers require regular
No Pilferage -as no resale value Steel and Aluminum covers gets stolen frequently
Fire Retardant and Self Extinguishing RCC cracks, Steel and Aluminum de-shapes under Fire
Heavy Duty - special designs suitable for
fork lift movement available
after corrosion steel or aluminum becomes weak
and break, RCC if not properly made is very weak

Technical Specifications

Widths up to 2 mtr x Length 1mtr or as per requirement

Grey or other on special request

UV Resistant
Long Outdoor Life , meets ASTM G154 Standard for outdoor UV resistance life for 1000hr test equivalent to 10yrs.

Fire Retardant
Self Extinguishing meets ASTM E-84, ASTM D635 and IS 6746 Standards

Light Duty for walkways 300 Kg/Sqm, 500 Kg/Sqm,Medium Duty : 1000Kg/Sqm and Heavy duty 5000kg fork lift load design. Extra Heavy Duty designs also available

Special integrated reinforced Chequered sheet cover with high load bearing strength even for fork lift

Model: EC-TCov-GC-103
With GRP Edge Embedment Angle to prevent damage of concrete edges of trenches

light weight-non crrosive and suitable for outdoor and indoor

heavy duty installed in controll room

Model: EC-TCov-P-5095
interlocking and anti skid plank

Model: EC-TCov-ISP-12
anti skid and interlocking pultruded plates

Model Thickness Max Span for
Walk way Load
Max Span for
Light Vehicle Load
EC-TCov-GC-28 28mm 1.0mtr (1000mm) 500mm
EC-TCov-GC-41 41mm 1.5mtr (1500mm) 750mm
EC-TCov-GC-53 53mm 2.0mtr (1000mm) 1000mm
EC-TCov-GC-103 103mm 2.5mtr (2500mm) 1500mm
EC-TCov-ISP-6 6mm 0.6mtr (600mm) 300mm
EC-TCov-ISP-10 10mm 1.0mtr (1000mm) 450mm
EC-TCov-ISP-12 12.7mm 1.2mtr (1200mm) 600mm
EC-TCov-P-5095 50mm 2.0mtr (2000mm) N/A
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