Carbon Laminates/ Carbon Pultruded Strips

ERCON ( CFRP ) Pultruded Carbon Fibre Laminate for Retrofitting of structures

ERCON Pultruded Carbon Fibre reinforced (CFRP) Plates, used to strengthen existing structural members. These ERCON Plates provide additional reinforcement that strengthens and stiffens existing structure. Unlike Steel Plates, ERCON Carbon Laminates are light weight, easy to install and does not corrode. These Plates can be used in surface mounted applications where it is bonded onto the surface of a structural member where these Carbon Plates are installed in shallow grooves cut into the existing structural member. The Plate is bonded using Epoxy Resin specifically suited for the application. The final result is an externally bonded reinforcement system offering an outstanding long term chemical and mechanical properties.

ERCON CFRP Laminates
TEST DATA Composition Sizes available 100 x 1.4 50 x 1.4 100 x 2.4
ERCON Pultruded Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Plates composed of a dense network of high strength Carbon Fibres Bound in Epoxy Resin Property      
Fibre Type Carbon Carbon Carbon
Matrix Resin Type Epoxy Epoxy Epoxy
Fibre Volume Fraction 70% 70% 70%
Nominal Width (in mm) 100 50 100
Nominal Thickness 1.4 1.4 2.4
Design Area (Sq. mm) 140 70 240
Modules of Elasticity (GPa) 152 GPa 152 GPa 152 GPa
Epoxy Adhesive usage kg/m 0.8 kg/m 0.35 kg/m 0.8 kg/m
ModelTensile StrengthE-modulesStrength
Max value
Min value
Max value
Min value
CARBOCON- N210016001631551.3%1.6

Antiskid : Optional antiskid grade available with peel off type removable tape for better bonding with concrete preventing de-lamination . code : CARBOCON-HS-AS or CARBOCON-N-AS.

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