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Parameter Conventional Pole Ercon Composite Pole
UV protection Not applicable Good UV resistance
Weatherability Poor Very good
Fire Retardant N/A Yes
Maintenance Required regularly None: Fixtures also easy to maintain
Life Short life Long life
Weight Very high Very light (Adv. For Hilly Region)
Installation Cost High Very low, Easy installation
Earthing Required Not required
Rusting High Never
Transport Cost Very high Very low: Telescopic assembly
Insulation Conductive, High electrical risk Excellent insulator


Aesthetically Beautiful
Contemporary design available in fabulous architectural colors. Extra protective surface gives lasting good looks.

Circular & Square Poles
Elegant & economical designs. Square poles of smaller cross sections also can withstand higher wind loads.

Extension Arm
Multiple arm options available – such as single/double/multiple in straight & J-shape.

Tiltable Pole
ERCON’s lightweight FRP poles come with an option that enables the pole to be tilted for easy maintenance of light bulb and fixtures. This lowers cost of maintenance by saving labour & time.

Corrosion Resistant
Excellent resistance to salty moist winds, CO2 & most chemicals, making them durable & economical in long term.

Easy Repair
If FRP pole gets damaged it can be easily repaired at the site by hand layup.

Resistant to microorganisms of ground
Composite poles are termite & germ proof.

Telescopic Design
Multiple piece telescopic design makes ERCON Composite Poles, of sizes greater than 6m also, to be transported in 20 ft. truck with easy assembly at site. This makes them the most cost-effective transportable poles in the market.

Great Dynamic and Long Fatigue Life
ERCON Poles have higher glass content (65-70%) as compared to any other FRP poles. Special resins give high axial strength and glass fabric provides cross layer reinforcement for excellent strength against vibrations.

High Wind Load Resistance
Composite poles from ERCON can take upto 170 Kmph wind loads & can be designed for even higher wind loads.

Environment Friendly
ERCON poles use low energy in manufacturing as well as transportation. No repeated painting & no replacement required unlike metal poles, thus making these poles environment friendly throughout their lifetime.


Properties Specifications Order
Symbol Value
Height of Poles 0.5 to 11 meters. H 0.50 to 11.0
No. of Sections Single, double, triple or four sections for poles above 6m height, stepped double or triple section transported with one inside other (telescopic), saving transportation cost as well as it is easy to assemble at the site. J S= Single
D= Double
T = Triple
F = Four
Shapes of Poles Round or square. Square has better modules and hence performs better under high winds SH R = Round
S = Square
Arm Style Straight and J-Arm (For well glass fittings) AS S = Straight
J = J-Type
Length of Arm 0.25 to 1.5 m L 0.25 to 1.50
Mounting ARM Dia. 40mm/50mm/63mm AD 40mm, 50mm, 63mm
No. of Arms 0,1,2 A 0: No Arm
1: Single Arm
2: Double Arm
Colour White, Grey, Black are standard, Silver, Golden, Green, Blue or any other colour on demand. C WH = White / Gr = Grey
BK = Black / GR = Green
BU = Blue / SL = Silver
Go = Gold / CU = Custom
Mounting Arrangement With fixed MS Powder Coated Base Plate, Anchor Base, Tiltable Base or Groutable Burial. B AB = Anchor Base
TB = Tiltable Base
GB = Groutable Burial
Standard Referred AASHTOL LTS-5, ANSI 136.20/IS 875 (PART3)
Wind Load 100 Kmph to 170 Kmph, with deflections within 15% of height of pole above ground
UV Resistance As per IS 14887 or ASTM G53-Mechanical Property not reducing below 5% of original value. Special UV coating provided for long life.
Glass Content Min 65%, hence very strong compared to other FRP poles.
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